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What If The Sword Kills The Pen

what if the god kills the man

[sticky post]Introduction & Friends Only
red dress
This journal is friends only.

The name is Dreaming of Tea. I love to write, both just journaling and fiction and poetry. Hopefully I will start posting some of my writing here.

I love photography, as well, so I will be posting photos too.

Question? Comments? Want to friend me?
Comment below!

October Movie List 2012

1. The Thing (2012)
It's not human. Yet.

2. [REC] (2007)

Just One Witness.... A Video Camera

3. The Crazies (2010)
Welcome to Ogden Marsh, the friendliest place on earth

4. Quarantine (2008)
Contain The Truth.

5. Frozen (2010)
No one knows you're up there



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